Mango Chutney – 375ml (GF, VEG)

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Our Mango Chutney is handmade by slowly simmering mango with vinegar, sugar, apple, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, sultana, herbs and spices. Because of it’s sweet and savoury elements our chutney lends itself well as an accompaniment to sandwiches, meats and cheese plates. Here are five ways to enjoy our Mango Chutney;
1. Indian Curries / Appetizers – the sweet Mango Chutney works perfectly with spicy Indian curries to take some of the heat out of the dish. It also works as a dipping sauce for samosa, pappadum, vegetable fritters, spring rolls.
2. Sandwich Spread – create your favourite sandwich then add mango chutney on its own or mixed with mayo.
3. As a topping for Grilling – Spoon over grilled meat / chicken/ fish. Sprinkle with fresh herbs.
4. Cheeseboard – serve with crackers and cheese. Also perfect with a ploughman’s style lunch.
5. As a Stir Fry Sauce – mix together with some liquid stock then add shallot, garlic, green beans, capsicum, cashew, chicken for an easy stir fry meal served with rice.

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